The Chinmuladri Bruhanmatha of Chitradurga has as many as 76 titles. The important among them is the genealogy of Allamaprabhu, a great mystique of 12th century A.D. His vision was to cleanse the individual and society as well. Sri Basavanna and his contemporary humanists visualized the concept of Anubhava Mantapa. It was a congregation of visionaries, who used to discuss the burning problems and derive solutions. The seat known as Shoonya Peetha (seat of Vacuum) was like that of a president or chairman of a legislature in the present context. Basavanna who noticed the lofty qualities in Allamaprabhu honours him by offering the chairmanship. The Chinmuladri Bruhanmatha that owes its rich tradition of transformation of society dreamt by Basavanna and other sharanas, has had many followers till today.
Although the legacy of seat of Shoonya Peetha was founded in the 12th century, it was a roaming one for quite sometime due to imminent historical reasons. Sri Tontada Siddalingeswara in the 16th century accompanied by one hundred Viraktas (renounced all worldly things) spreads the humane tenets of 12th century Sharanas among people. This roaming legacy of camping a night at villages and five nights at towns was continued by Sri Murige Shanthaveera swamiji, who came in the succession later for some more time. Once, on his journey of preaching he blesses the one Bharamanna, a cowherd of adoring of chieftainship someday.
By the blessings of Murige Shanthaveera swamiji, Bharamanna Nayaka adorns the chieftainship of Chitradurga in 1689 and requests Sri Murige Shanthaveera swamiji to settle in the newly constructed 360 spanned mutt atop the hill fort. After some time, from the view point of his sworn tenet of Jangama, the swamiji shifts his stay to the mutt constructed between two tanks down the hill, which is the present one. More than 20 spiritual heads odored the rich legacy of Shoonya Peetha after Murige Shanthaveera Swamiji. In this legacy, I as the present pontiff have undertaken this stupendous task of creating another mark of history by planning to install a massive 325 feet height bronze statue of the great humanist and transformer Basavanna. The project has already been started. As has been mentioned above, the Buddhism has been spread worldwide with the sponsorship of kings like emperor Chandragupta Mourya, Bindusara, Ashoka, Harshavardhana and other great humanists. In the similar way the Vacana movement of Sharanas got the support of king Bijjala only. The great ideals of humanist sharanas could not be spread at national and international level due to the suppression meted out by the kingship, priesthood and capitalists at different point of time. Therefore, the plan to spread the message of Basavannas philosophical integration throughout the world, has been started now by planning to install the Basavanna statue in the serene locality atop the hill behind the Bruhanmatha.

The project includes the depiction of life sketch of Basavanna from his childhood to the end of his life in a museum; translation of some of his humanists vacanas and life stories into other languages; presentation of a laser show and construction of a Shivayoga (meditation) Mantapa; launching of  Basava Television channel; construction of a two way path leading to the beautiful park; Toy train; a cable car connectivity etc., are all there in the project. It is hereby earnestly requested in you all the Religious heads, Educationists, Parliamentarians, Legislators, followers of Basavanna and the general public to donate liberally for the implementation of the project. I wish, you to become one among the philanthropists in this noble cause. The monolith of Bahubali has been widely acclaimed. Like that let us create another mark of history in our life time on the same line. The employees working in various organizations can also contribute their one day’s salary for this noble cause. It is a golden opportunity for you all to join hands in this noble cause.
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